Course Reviews

Bill Bogdanovich, CEO/owner of Massachusetts’ Broad Reach Health Care:

“Less turnover — the right staff longevity — makes it possible to focus on doing things you want to do. Otherwise, you’re constantly hiring and orienting brand new people.”


Charlie Franz, administrator of Alaska’s Heritage Place:

“Use of off-label antipsychotics has dropped to zero. And the feedback I get is how effective the RN staff is at explaining situations, diagnoses, behavioral issues and complications.”


Pam Clayton, RN-BC, LNHA, Sr. Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Practice, Ethica Health and Retirement Communities, GA:

“Our certified RNs’ approach to training, education, and the way they interact with peers has risen to a different level and is observed in practice. Gero Nurse Prep has enhanced RN participants’ knowledge and skills to impact care of the patients.”


Debra McManus, RN-BC, Ethica Health and Retirement Communities, Stapleton, Georgia:

“The course helped me build my credibility and strengthen my relationships within our organization. It enhanced my knowledge base, thus making me a more effective leader. Becoming board certified has made me stand out as the ‘exception to the rule’ among colleagues.

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